Presentation and AV

We supply the very latest iTechnology and also the most basic presentation systems and state of the art video conferencing systems.

Presentation and AV


We know that our customers can't get enough of the latest innovations and we are right at the forefront of the supply chain with latest products to enable you to present your reports and promote your business and offer your staff training.

Our products enable collaboration and interactivity using the latest touch screens, projectors and wifi networks to make your presentations come to life without fuss or stress.

BYOD (bring your own device), laptops, tablet, and smartphones are being used more and more in meetings, conferences and training so we have new systems enabling connectivity for these devices without the need of cables and setup. Simply download the app onto you Android or ios device or insert the supplied dongle into your AppleMac or Windows PC or laptop and go.

If its basics that you want we also supply and install whiteboards, rail systems, flipchart pads and markers.


Video conferencing is one of the most reliable and cost effective forms of interactive technology in the market place.

Multiple participants can collaborate freely across continents, using face to face video conferencing including large format room, desktop or mobile solutions.

Barco ClickShare

ClickShare base units can show 4 different sources on your existing screen set-up, and allow you to enjoy synchronized audio/video wirelessly. Although not always visible, the Base Unit is the brain of the ClickShare system. The processing unit receives the wireless stream from the Buttons (or a mobile phone or tablet via WiFi) and displays the contents of your device on the connected screen.

The Buttons

ClickShare Button

The most iconic components, ClickShare Buttons put the 'Click' into ClickShare. Plug one of these USB devices into your laptop, start the application and click the button, and you are ready to share your content using the meeting room's AV equipment.

To ensure that your content is displayed on the right screen, every ClickShare Button is paired with a ClickShare Base Unit. The pairing process is quick and simple, so ClickShare Buttons can be transferred across meeting rooms without a problem. Multiple ClickShare Buttons can be paired to the ClickShare Base Unit, and up to four people can be on-screen at the same time.

The Tray

ClickShare Tray

ClickShare Tray to hold 4 ClickShare Buttons

The classy ClickShare Tray holds the Buttons when they are not in use. Up to five Buttons fit in one Tray.